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Peakhill Farm has been organic since 1999.

We view ourselves as custodians of the country side doing the best we can for our farm, nature and the environment in door to hopefully hand a sustainable farm onto another generation. Our many accolades include winning the following awards;

  • FWAG conservation cup. 

  • Suffolk Agricultural Association's Farm Business Competition for Conservation

  •                           2002, 2015 2016

  • Best Beef Enterprise

  •                          2000, 2004, 2005,2006, 2007 & 2016

  • Suffolk's Greenest County Award for Micro Business 2014


  • We where awarded a Gold accreditation by the Suffolk Carbon Charter in 2011 for our efforts reduce our carbon emissions and again in 2015 for reducing our carbon emissions either further.

  • We are proud to be Carbon Neutral and we actually bank carbon  on behalf of the environment.

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